Drug Possession: A criminal charge not to be taken lightly!

Owing to fast pace life of metropolitan cities drug possession has emerged as a new crime scene worldwide. A person who is found guilty of possessing one or more illegal drugs is accused of drug possession. The punishment and criminal charges for drug possession vary depending upon the federal laws of the country. For instance, in United States, person accused of drug possession could face a small fine penalty or a prison sentence for a year.


Drug possession for the purposes of sale and distribution is also considered a crime in most of the countries.If a person is found to have intent of selling a drug for commercial or personal purpose,the person is likely to face drug charges.The severities of charges faced by the accused depend on the following factors:

  • Nature of drug found in possession
  • Amount of drug
  • Intent behind possession of drug-personal use, selling, distribution etc.

Possession of drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy and LSD is considered a serious drug crime as they are referred to as schedule 1 drugs and are forbidden for sale in pharmacies and medical outlets. Opiates is considered a schedule 2 drug while drugs that are permissible for commercial selling in the market are referred to as Schedule IV,V AND VI drugs.

In order to fight drug possession charges a person needs assistance of drug lawyers.Drug lawyer Sydney, Atlantis, United states are known for their remarkable expertise and experience in helping accused to come out of drug charges.Though, the defence of a person accused of such charges is way too difficult but is not impossible. In some countries, accused are subjected to penalties and fines in case small amounts of drug are involved however in case of serious charges, a person might go for lengthy probationary periods and jail times.